Easy Recipe For Teriyaki Salmon Filets in a Paperbag with Mixed Rice and Broccoli

Cooking spray
4 fillets 4 salmon filets, boneless, skinless (6 oz or 175 g each)
Paper towel
For all
2 tsp 2 tsp Mrs. Dash Original Seasoning
1 tsp 1 tsp lemon pepper
½ tsp tsp rosemary leaves
1 medium 1 medium size paper bag (grocery type)
Aluminum foil
8 tsp 8 tsp V-H teriyaki sauce
1 ½ cup cups unseasoned white and wild rice mixture (Canoe brand)
1 tsp 1 tsp vegetable bouillon powder
3 cup 3 cups water
1 lb(s) 1 lb or 450 g broccoli florets
Butter (optional)


1. Preheat oven to 350º F.

2. Spray a nonstick pan with cooking spray.

3. Wash salmon under cold water, pat dry with paper towel.

4. Season one side of salmon with spice.

5. Sauté, spice side down, over med-high heat approx 1 minute.

6. Season, turn and sauté other side.
While salmon is searing…

7. Wet the outside of a paper bag thoroughly under cold water.

8. Spray a large piece of aluminum foil, shiny side up, with cooking spray.

9. Arrange the salmon filets on the foil.

10. Drizzle each filet with 2 tsp teriyaki sauce.

11. Turn edges of the foil to prevent leaking and pull the foil into the wide side of the wet bag.

12. Curl the end of the bag tightly and place in hot oven. Set timer for 20 minutes.

13. Combine rice, bouillon and water in a large microwave safe pot or casserole.

14. Cover and microwave at high for 10 minutes, then medium for 10 minutes. When timer rings for rice, remove from microwave and let stand.

15. Wash and cut broccoli adding to steamer insert.

16. Cover and steam for 3 minutes repositioning broccoli once to allow steam to reach all the pieces. Add butter if you must. Enjoy!

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