Easy Recipe For Aloo Kadchi

Aloo Kadchi
1 Golden Yukon Potato, (Boiled ) cut in half
1 Paneer, small bar
1 oz Cashew Nuts or pine nuts
1 bunch Garlic Chives
2 Okra ( washed and cut into halves length wise)
Sea salt, to taste
2 grape tomatoes (cut in halves)
Saffron Sauce
375 mL Half and Half Cream
a pinch of saffron
¼ tsp Fenugreek leafs dry
¼ tsp Curry Paste

Aloo Kadchi

1. Give cylinder shape to the boiled potatoes with the help of small knife, then scoop them out using Persian scoop and put them aside.

2. Cut half the paneer bar and place in a small mixing bowl, now add the scooped or shaved potato left-overs to use as the starch with the paneer and mash them together with your fingers. Add one table spoon full of broken cashews, then add finely chopped chives to give color and garlic flavour to the mix. Season it with sea salt to your taste.

3. Fill the paneer potatos mix in the scooped potatos and give a neat tomb shape and bake them in the pre heated oven at 350 degree for 15 minutes to make them golden brown.

4. Okra Paneer:
Now lets us put another pan on the burner at medium heat to make okra paneer sabzi. Add the table spoon of love oil to the pan and add fennel seeds, cumin, when sizzling add the pinch of ground turmeric and add the okra. Cook it for 3 to 4 minutes and add the paneer, grape tomatos and cook for one more minute, add the salt to taste and put it aside.

Saffron Sauce

1. Put a small pan on a medium heat and pour the cream in the pan, on the first boil add ¼ teaspoon of the curry paste and stir it carefully.

2. Add fenugreek (roughly grounded between the palms ) to the sauce and reduce it to medium thick consistency.

3. Now bring the heat to minimum to keep the sauce consistent for a minute or so. Add the pinch of saffron and keep the heat to minimum.

4. Place the cooked okra paneer sabzi the centre of the plate and then place the ready golden brown potato on top of okra and now pour the saffron sauce on the top and letting spread to the plate.

5. Sprinkle the pine nuts or cashews on it, finish the dish by placing a long chive atop.
Your Aloo Kadchi is ready to eat.

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